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All Chandlery Items Supplied:

  • Pains Wessex
  • Pyrotechnics Flares
  • Rockets
  • Smokes
  • MOB Units
  • Mini Flare Kits
We dispose Of All Your Out Of Date Flares, Safely And Securely.




Coastal Distress Pack Solas 10136
Designed for use less than 7 miles from land

  • 2 red hand flares
  • 2 orange hand smokes
  • 2 parachute red rockets




Collision Warn-Off Pack 10137
Designed for use by all craft sailing at night for collision warn-off or as a hand held floodlight

  • 4 collision white handflares.




Inshore Distress Pack Solas 10138
Designed for use less than 3 miles from land

  • 2 red hand flares
  • 2 orange hand smokes




Offshore Distress Kit Solas 10139
Designed for all vessels sailing more than 7 miles from land

  • 4 red hand flares
  • 4 parachute red rockets
  • 2 life smokes




ORC/RORC/SOLAS Distress Kit 10134

  • 4 parachute red rockets
  • 4 collision white hand flares
  • 4 red hand flares
  • 2 life smokes



Orange Hand smoke 10144
Incorporates the International Design award winning “Pull-twist-strike” firing mechanism. Completely waterproof, this signal produces dense orange smoke for 50 seconds. Equally suitable for dinghies and windsurfers.



Collision White Hand flare 10141
Designed for use as a collision-warning signal or for illuminating small areas where a white light is required. Incorporates the International Design award winning “Pull-twist-strike” firing mechanism. Burns for 40 seconds at 10,000 candelas.



Day/Night Signal 10140
Compact personal survival signal incorporating a red flare at one end for night use, and an orange smoke at the other end for daylight use. The flare burns for 20 seconds at 10,000 candelas and the dense orange smoke is produced for 18 seconds. Both ends are coded for easy night identification and are waterproofed with “O” ring seals. Either end can be fired independently by pulling the ring mechanism. After firing, the signal can be doused in water allowing the unused end to be stowed until required.



Radaflare 10142
When fired, one free-falling red star and 4 packs of radar reflective chaff are ejected at a height of 300m. The red star burns for 11 seconds at 30,000 candelas and the chaff produces a 60sq metre radar reflective chaff cloud, visible on radar screen for 12 minutes in light winds.



Para Illuminating Rocket 10143
Designed for use in emergency search and rescue operations where a white light is needed. When fired at 45 degrees, the rocket will instantly project the payload to a height of 200m (or 300m if fired vertically) The parachute suspended flare is then ejected and burns for 30 seconds at 80,000 candelas.



Miniflare 3 10145
A personal distress signalling kit consisting of 8 red aerial cartridges and a penjector packed in a compact pouch, designed primarily for dinghies and windsurfers. Each flare, ejected at a height of 80, burns for 6 seconds at 3,000 candela and is visible up to 5 miles in daylight (10 miles at night) The plastic penjector, fitted with a stainless steel striker pin and spring, features a unique bayonet fitting allowing flares to be loaded by a simple twist-on action, ideal for use with cold or fumbling hands.

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